Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Unleash the power of tomorrow with AIVARSE's Artificial Intelligence services. Our cutting-edge algorithms and machine learning models unlock hidden insights, fuelling intelligent decision-making. From predictive analytics to natural language processing, AIVARSE empowers businesses to harness the limitless potential of AI, driving innovation, efficiency, and transformative growth.

Drive Business Intelligence with Artificial Intelligence and Edge Computing

Bringing Visual AI and Computer Vision-based applications to the Edge Cloud enables enterprises to extract actionable insights from images and videos in real-time. This integration empowers businesses to develop spatial analysis and visual analytics processing capabilities, revolutionising industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, energy management, public safety, and insurance. By automating quality control in manufacturing, real-time disease detection and analytics in healthcare, optimising energy asset management with drones, enhancing video surveillance for public safety, and automating claims assessment and risk analytics in insurance, enterprises can improve operational efficiency, make data-driven decisions, and drive innovation in their respective domains

Key Features

Data Preprocessing

AI/ML systems rely on data to learn and make informed decisions. Data is collected from diverse sources like databases, sensors, and the Internet. Its quality and quantity significantly impact AI algorithm performance.

Model Creation

AI/ML models are trained with labeled data, where known outcomes are associated with inputs. This data teaches the model patterns and relationships to build the models.

AI/ML Model Training

During the training, the AI/ML model learns from labeled data to identify patterns and make predictions. It adjusts parameters, minimize errors and enhance accuracy by utilizing various techniques.

Full Body Tracking

Detect landmarks of human bodies to identify key body locations, analyse posture, and categorise movements using machine learning (ML) models that work with single images or video.

Natural Language Processing

NLP empowers machines to comprehend and respond to human speech or text, conduct language translation, extract meaning from unstructured data, and generate text resembling human language.

Computer Vision as a Service

Effortlessly automate monitoring and reporting by leveraging our service to detect, capture, and derive insights from images and videos. Gain access to advanced algorithms that analyze visual features and provide the desired information.

Use Cases

Motion Analysis in Fitness

Using our AI service one can detect whether a player is moving correctly or not and a variety of fitness analytics can be derived from motion detection algorithms providing the highest personalization to users through precise motion analysis and real-time feedback.

Dental Radiology

Using CNN and DNN, which can perform image classification, detection, segmentation, registration, generation, and refinement. Artificial intelligence systems in this field have been developed for the purposes of radiographic diagnosis, image analysis, forensic dentistry, and image quality improvement

QA/QC Strategy in Healthcare

QA teams can make use of AI tools for supplementing normal manual checking efforts, while providing the best quality assurance in expedited time and with great accuracy.

Predictive Analytics in Oil and Gas

Our AI technology, powered by machine learning algorithms, enables unsupervised asset analysis of machines, early discovery and prevention of machine failures, and eliminates the nuisance of poorly set threshold-based alarms for remote monitoring service providers such as maintenance companies and OEMs.

Text and Sentiment Analysis in Customer Support Ticketing System

Sentiment analysis with natural language understanding (NLU) reads regular human language for meaning, emotion, tone, and more, to understand customer requests, just as a person would. You can automatically process customer support tickets, online chats, phone calls, and emails by sentiment to prioritise any urgent issues.

Intelligent Video Analytics Solutions in Security Monitoring

In the world of security, video analytics turns surveillance into more than just recorded data.We provide fully managed Video Analytics Solutions for Object, Scene, and Activity Detection, Facial Recognition, and Gesture Recognition.

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