Augmented Reality (AR)

Unlock a world where reality intertwines with the extraordinary experiences with AIVARSE’s Augmented Reality services. Witness everyday environments transform into captivating realms, where virtual overlays enhance your perception. From interactive product experiences to mind-bending visual storytelling, we redefine the boundaries of what you see and believe.

Transform Businesses with our Augmented Reality Solutions

Our AR solutions leverage advanced computer vision and markerless tracking technologies to overlay digital content onto the real world. By using smartphones, tablets, or AR glasses, users can interact with virtual objects, access contextual information, and enhance their surroundings with rich visual elements. AIVARSE's commitment to pushing the boundaries of AR technology allows us to create transformative solutions that address the specific needs of our clients. By combining our expertise with the latest AR advancements, AIVARSE strives to unlock the full potential of AR and deliver exceptional value to their clients across industries.

Key Features

Image Tracking

Augment digital content on a 2D marker to appear in the form of videos, slideshows, 360° panoramas, sound, text, 3D animations

Object and Model Tracking

Attach a digital 3D model to a real-world object that can be visualised, interacted and manipulated

Markerless Tracking

Augment digital content anywhere to appear in the form of 3D models, videos, slideshows, 360° panoramas, sound, text, 3D animations

AR Assist

Allows brand agents and product experts to provide visual guidance and collaborate with customers and field technicians, regardless of their location

AR E-commerce Application

Allows users try-on products first, find the perfect size, colour, and fitment and buy the chosen items in one click from the website

Product Visualisation

Create immersive experiences for your products that allow user to scale, adjust colour variants, and incorporate details needed to give the best user experience.

Use Cases


Augmented reality in retail enhances product visualization, allows virtual try-ons, improves in-store navigation, and offers interactive shopping experiences.


With AR, we can enrich learning with virtual simulations, 3D models, interactive content, and immersive experiences for better student engagement.

Real Estate

In real estate, AR enables virtual property tours, 3D visualizations, interactive floor plans, and accurate spatial measurements for informed decision-making.


Augmented reality in gaming offers immersive gameplay, interactive virtual objects and real-world integration transforming the gaming landscape.


Through AR assistance tools, technicians can access real-time information, overlays, and visual cues to identify and resolve issues in field operations.


Historical data fuels digital reconstructions, reviving ancient monuments through immersive experiences, visualizing their original splendour and preserving their legacy.


Create Guided Procedures, Training, Surgical visualisation, Physical therapy and patient engagement using digital immersive learning.

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